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Natural Swimming

Our extensive involvement with pond and pond design construction made it easy for us offer these new up and coming ecologically sound Swimming Ponds with Biological Bog Filtration Systems!

This green system creates a chemical-free swimming pond that closely resembles a naturally occurring lake. Additionally, we provide water features for ponds such as swimming ponds, waterfalls, slides, and grottos.

Q) What is a Swimming Pond?

A) Ponds (whether built anew or converted) in which biological processes treat the water in place of familiar chemical treatments. The science behind the biological water treatment in Swimming ponds is called limnology, which some refer to as the “oceanography of fresh water.”

It is the study of biological systems present in the fresh water we’ve relied on since the dawn of man. The idea behind Swimming ponds is an extension of this science, bringing common natural processes to man-made systems.

The key to all of this is the nitrogen cycle. Organic matter enters the water and gives rise to microbial growth and algae. Then, beneficial agents called heterotrophic bacteria break down these compounds and convert them to carbon dioxide (C02) and ammonia.

Next, another beneficial bacteria known as nitrosomonas bacteria converts the ammonia into nitrites (NO2). Finally, in the third step of this elegant process, nitrobacter bacteria convert the nitrites into nitrate (NO3). A correctly built Swimming pond has water that is transparently clear, and you should be perfectly able to see right to the bottom of the deep end.

Q) How Safe is a Swimming Pond?

A) Microbial activity actually works to make the water perfectly safe for swimming.Swimming ponds teem with life – the nitrogen cycle you learned in science class is what makes that water safe for swimming.

Q) What are the Maintenance requirements for a Swimming pond?

A) Green vegetation cleans and filters the pond water. Thus, a Swimming pond requires much less cost and effort than a conventional swimming pond – consisting mostly of keeping the pond filled with water and skimming the top of the pond occasionally.