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Living Green

For more than thirty years part of our brand has stated, “An Environmentally Sensitive Company”. We’ve used recycled materials to create furniture, lighting fixtures , and other house hold items. Environmental Sculpturing expanded in this movement with our biological systems for Koi ponds many years ago and then applied these methods to natural swimming pools with lager bog plant technology.

Grey water systems in conjunction with landscape irrigation via collection of storm water runoff in cisterns (with bog areas) is one of our new services.

Q) When is a Drought Resistant Garden right for me?

A) Pools (whether built anew or converted) in which biological processes treat the water in place of familiar chemical treatments. The science behind the biological water treatment in Natural Swimming Pools is called limnology, which some refer to as the “oceanography of fresh water.”

It is the study of biological systems present in the fresh water we’ve relied on since the dawn of man. The idea behind Natural Swimming Pools is an extension of this science, bringing common natural processes to man-made systems.

The key to all of this is the nitrogen cycle. Organic matter enters the water and gives rise to microbial growth and algae. Then, beneficial agents called heterotrophic bacteria break down these compounds and convert them to carbon dioxide (C02) and ammonia.